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Obituary for Giovanni Scolaro

Giovanni Scolaro
Our dear father, he endured many challenges in life and
persevered; becoming an orphan at the age of 9. Experiencing the
hardships of the second world war famine, working on many farms
for food and eventually enlisting in the Alpini Italian army in 1951.
His journey continued arriving in Canada in 1954 to build a new life
again faced with the many challenges of not speaking the language,
not having any money and wondering if his life is getting worse.
Things started to change, he met our mother and got married in
1958, then his family expanded with me a year later and my sister 7
years later.
I can honestly say our father without any formal education,
adapted to the life challenges in front of him. Achieved the
ultimate legacy of creating a safe loving home, maintaining a family
that now has expanded with 5 grandchildren and basically created
memories for all of us to treasure. Not all was always perfect as my
father endured his personal challenges but we as a family stayed
united to ensure harmony and more importantly love and respect
within our family. In addition, his love of birds provided him a sense
of peace, canaries and pigeons where his passion identifying his
birds at times with specific names. And of course, what Italian
father didn’t have a passion for their garden, making wine and
grappa. Dad attended to these hobbies passionately.
This year my father was able to achieve a major milestone turning
90 and we are for ever grateful and proud to be able to share this
achievement. In closing, our father was a great man, his legacy and
memories will remain in our hearts.
We will miss you dearly, riposa in pace poppy